Xinqi He

CG Producer

A journey that commenced in 2015, Xinqi delved into the world of VFX and post-production, embarking on a path that would become her passion. Prior to this, she undertook diverse roles, ranging from sales to administration, and eventually found her calling in App and Game development after graduating from Seneca College Animation Program in 2012.

In her early years at SpinVFX in 2015, she was immersed in transformative projects like “Point Break (2015)” and “Heroes Reborn Season 1(2015)”, which paved the way for her trajectory in the industry. Throughout the course of her career, she has proudly contributed her expertise to notable projects such as “Star Trek Discovery(2017-2019)” spanning multiple seasons and “The Mandalorian (2019)”, both showcasing her commitment to excellence.

Before returning to SpinVFX, she honed her skills at studios across Canada, enriching her experience. Her journey at SpinVFX began again in 2022, marking the restart of a remarkable chapter in her career. With a diverse portfolio, she has added impactful projects like “Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantamania (2023)” and “Big George Foreman (2023)” to her repertoire.

As the CG Producer at SpinVFX, her role transcends departments, projects, and operational intricacies. By driving process enhancements, improving communication, and ensuring overall efficiency, she contributes to the studio’s accomplishments in delivering exceptional visual effects projects.


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