in partnership
with TriBro Studios

Providing mobile access to the latest
in real-time production technology across Ontario

SpinVFX offers complete solutions tailored to your on-site or live-action set production needs, fully staffed with our Unreal Technicians and VFX Supervisors. Rotate provides the expertise and systems to bring the future of production to you.

Our Rotate system boasts: 

A 2000 nit HDR Capable Three-Screen Array with 2.6mm Pixel Pitch
Interactive Lighting & Reflections far superior to standard green screen
Realtime Color Correction of Plate Footage
Support for DMX-integration to provide further control over Interactive Lighting

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TriBro Studios

TriBro Studios provides full-service studio space for TV, Film and Commercial Productions in prime locations throughout Toronto.

Scanning & Lidar


SpinVFX offers high-resolution, hero scanning of characters and assets with our fully mobile 144 DSLR Camera rig. Start your post-production project on location and in pixel-perfect accuracy.

On-Set Full Body Scanning

Our fully mobile scanning infrastructure comes to you. Save space on set by completing all of your scanning in the Spin Scanning Truck.

Prepare for Post

Build a collection of production-ready assets to maximize your flexibility and realize your vision in post-production.

Instantaneous Capture

Our expert scanning team can quickly capture full body scans, props, and animals.

High-Resolution Textures & Mesh

The fine, detailed photogrammetry generated by our scanning equipment is ideal for assets requiring high-resolution geometry and textures.

We also offer set scanning for sets of all sizes. Our scanning experts will take care of all of the scanning and data processing for your production.

On-Set Supervision


We will match your needs to the right member(s) of our creative and technically talented team to ensure that you get the most out of your time on-set. Our concept artists will help to realize your vision and nail down the essential ‘look’ of your assets, characters and overall project. With all SpinVFX on-set supervision services, you can ensure seamless continuity from your first shoot-day to your final post delivery.

SpinVFX also offers VFX Supervisors for loan to productions who require dedicated support on-set. Our Supervisors are trusted among filmmakers for their equally astute knowledge on-location and in post. 

You can learn more about our VFX Supervisors on our Team Page.

Virtual Cinematography


BRIO, our unique platform allows directors and cinematographers to pre-visualize camera angles in a virtual environment, which can then be exported in a format that can be used in production and posted to editorial.

Using just a tablet, directors can set up shots by walking through virtual sets where they can record multiple takes.

Scene set up of humanoid characters can include up to 10 characters per hour in VR.

Motion Capture


Our state of the art Xsense MVN full-body, wearable motion capture suit and MVN Animate Pro software provides the ideal solution for all of your mo-cap needs. Seamlessly producing production-ready data, our full-body strap set is fully portable, so it is available for on-set use.

Your talent can strap in and deliver a full physical performance that can be captured instantly and turned over to your post-production team.

Alternatively, our fully trained animation team can complete your mo-cap project in-studio. We will deliver your vision remotely with a fully-realized motion capture performance for your project.

Create photoreal visual effects with motion capture technology.