Wesley Sewell

Visual Effects Supervisor

A twenty-year veteran, Wesley has worked with esteemed directors on fan-favourite franchises from Marvel such as Joss Whedon’s The Avengers, Kenneth Branagh’s Thor and Jon Favreau’s Iron Man. He has also worked closely with Oscar-nominated legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott to supervise American Gangster, A Good Year and the epic Kingdom of Heaven, for which Wesley won the Visual Effects Society Award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Live Action Feature.

Wesley began in editorial, working closely with Ridley Scott on Gladiator, winning an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects and Best Picture. Wesley also was an editor on Hannibal, and Black Hawk Down, which won the Academy Award for Best Editing.

Wesley has pioneered many techniques in the mastering and finishing of films today. Not only was he the first Visual Effects Editor in Hollywood on Gladiator, but he developed many methods and techniques used in filmmaking. He invented “Tech-Viz” to properly prepare a production to shoot successfully for all the major VFX in a film. A stereoscopic expert, he invented many ways of improving the quality and experiences of 3D films. His innovations are being utilized by nearly all 3D films finishing in Hollywood today. Wesley has also successfully supervised some of the most effective and exciting 3D films to date, and won the Lumiere Award from the International 3D Society for his work on The Avengers.

Since joining SpinVFX, Wes has brought his industry-renowned talents to films such as The Man From Toronto (2022) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022). 

A sought-after on-set Visual Effects Supervisor, Wesley’s vast experience in the filmmaking process is an important asset for every production he works on. He constantly hears “We couldn’t have made this film without you, Wes!”

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