Tim Sibley

Effects Supervisor

Tim Sibley embarked on his journey with SPIN VFX back in 2006, taking on the role of effects department supervisor in 2009. Armed with a deep-rooted commitment, he has been instrumental in the growth and success of the department.

Despite his educational focus on traditional filmmaking essentials like lenses, lights, and actors, Tim’s trajectory led him to digital post-production, where he effortlessly combined artistic flair with technical skills.

At Spin VFX, Tim’s evolution from a versatile 3D generalist to a dedicated effects specialist was swift. This transition allowed him to strike a great balance between creativity and technical prowess. Over the years, he has overseen the transformation of the effects team from a solo artist to a robust department of 20 or more members, handling numerous intricate shots each week.

With a remarkable portfolio spanning commercial, film, and television projects, Tim’s fingerprints grace works like “Battle: Los Angeles (2011)”, “Game of Thrones (2013)”, “John Wick (2014)”, “Stranger Things (2019)”, and “True Spirit (2023)”. His excellence has not gone unnoticed, earning him Emmy nominations for “The Borgias (2011)” and “Raising Dion (2022)”, as well as a coveted Canadian Screen Award in 2020 for his contribution to the film “Brotherhood”. Amid his supervisory duties, Tim maintains his hands-on engagement in shot work, ensuring he remains at the cutting edge of evolving tools and workflows.

Tim lives in downtown Toronto with his wife and two daughters and enjoys playing basketball apart from work.


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