Peter Giliberti

Head of Animation

Since entering the world of VFX in 2001, Peter has wielded his animation expertise to leave an indelible mark. Beginning his journey after completing Sheridan’s classical animation course in 1997, he was swiftly recruited to animate for the CG feature “Final Fantasy (2001)”.

His career highlights encompass leading animation roles for iconic projects such as the Sam Raimi Spiderman 1 (2002), 2 (2004) and 3 (2007), where he breathed life into the memorable Spiderman shots swinging through the cityscape. A tenure with Sony Imageworks from 2001 to 2009, including a project with Spin in 2005 for commercials and television, further solidified his prowess.

Returning to Spin in 2010 as Animation Supervisor, Peter shaped the animation landscape for films like “Priest (2011)” and “Battle Los Angeles (2011)”. His notable projects in Spin are “Stranger Things Season 2 (2018)”, “The Umbrella Academy (2019)”, and the upcoming “SpongeBob Square Pants Movie: Saving Bikini Bottom,” alongside a VES award nomination for character work in “Nightflyers (2018)”.

Day-to-day, Peter balances overseeing animation continuity and creative direction across shows. His hands-on approach extends to collaborating with the animation team on Previs, blocking, refinement, and even donning the Motion Capture suit for performances. Beyond animation, Peter’s penchant for making people laugh aligns with his love for monsters and horror movies, acting, and comedy, all of which fuel his passion for the dynamic realm of animation.


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