Maryam Farhadi

Head of Human Resources

With 8 years of experience in Human resources, spanning industries such as Tourism & Hospitality, Financial Institutions, Health Care, and Social Services, Maryam Farhadi was a remarkable addition to the Spin family. She joined SPIN VFX from Mobilize Jobs Inc. where she familiarized herself with employee relations, talent & acquisition, performance management, payroll, compensation, and training & development in an HR Generalist role.

Her experience in giving strategic advice to operational managers, leading crucial HR initiatives, and performance management have made her a force to be reckoned with.

As the Head of Human Resources at SPIN, she has contributed to continuously improving recruitment practices, onboarding processes and new hire experiences. She has been instrumental in creating Performance Management and Employee Professional Development plans and has provided professional advisory services to employees at all levels. With her strong leadership and excellent management, communication and organizational skills, she has been able to improve all department processes. She has been vital to employee retention and growing our team from 209 members in September 2020 to over 400 members in 2023 combining both Toronto and Atlanta locations.

Maryam handles sensitive matters such as background checks, federal forms, performance evaluations, and many other documents that contain sensitive material in accordance with policies and regulations, along with utmost ease.

When Maryam is not working, she likes to spend time with her family outdoors, read, cook and listen to music.

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