Mark Neysmith

CG Supervisor

With a VFX journey spanning over two decades, Mark Neysmith embarked on this path in 1998. His first professional venture led him to Puppetworks, where he served as an applications engineer for a motion capture equipment company.

In his early career years, Mark honed his skills as the Modeling and Rigging Department Supervisor, contributing to projects like Everyone’s Hero (2006), 9 (2009), and Gnomeo And Juliet (2011). Just before joining SpinVFX, he held the role of Design Team Supervisor for Maya at Autodesk.

Since 2015, Mark has been a valued member of the SpinVFX team, leaving an indelible mark on notable projects such as John Wick (2017), The Expanse (2015), The Umbrella Academy (2019), Jack Reacher (2016), and Saving Bikini Bottom (yet to release). As CG Supervisor, his day-to-day work involves collaborating with production and VFX supervisors to strategize project execution, followed by facilitating seamless coordination among Heads of Departments and artists.

Beyond the realm of visual effects, Mark cherishes quality family time with his three children. In moments of personal respite, he also explores the world of oil painting, showcasing a passion that transcends his professional pursuits.

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