Krista Maryanski

Head of Production

Krista Maryanski is a highly experienced professional in VFX and post-production, with an impressive career spanning two decades. Since starting in September 2003, she has made significant contributions to the industry, beginning with her first job at Sight Effects/Digital Lab in Venice, CA.

During her early years, Krista worked on notable projects that laid the foundation for her success. She was part of the team behind the film Rocky Balboa(2006), which marked her entry into the industry. Additionally, she contributed her skills to the highly acclaimed feature film Watchmen(2009) and the groundbreaking series Pan Am(2011), known for its extensive full CG sets. With each project, Krista grew in expertise and continued to build her portfolio.

Before joining SpinVFX in 2023, Krista spent nine years at a digital software and solution company, collaborating closely with manufacturers and corporations. Her work involved creating accurate 3D models from manufacturing designs, which were utilized in producing engaging content for websites, commercials, and print ads. Notable clients included renowned brands like New Balance, for whom she launched and maintained the custom build feature on their website, and Honda/Acura, where she oversaw the Virtual Garage and created detailed 3D models for their Build & Price feature.

Joining SpinVFX in 2023, Krista has already made a significant impact, working on projects such as Saving Bikini Bottom (set to release in 2024) and many others still in production. Her dedication, expertise, and track record make her an invaluable asset to the SpinVFX team. Having spent 21 years in Los Angeles, Krista recently relocated to the Atlanta area in 2021, bringing her wealth of experience and passion to new territories. With her extensive background and commitment to excellence, Krista Maryanski continues to push boundaries and deliver outstanding results, solidifying her reputation as a sought-after professional in the VFX and post-production industry.


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