Justin Goran

RnD Director

In the dynamic realm of VFX and Animation, Justin emerges as a seasoned professional, boasting a decade of experience in shaping visual narratives. His journey commenced in 2014 at SpinVFX, where he took on the role of a comp artist, laying the foundation for subsequent contributions to significant projects. Justin’s early years included serving as a comp artist on the inaugural “John Wick (2014) and contributing as a lighting artist to Dreamworks’ “Troll Hunters (2015).

As Justin’s career unfolded, it became marked by remarkable achievements, such as his role as a lighting artist on the pioneering blender animated film “Next Gen (2018).” His influence expanded further as he embraced dual responsibilities as a look dev and lighting artist for “The Expanse (2015 – 2022),” showcasing a versatile skill set that left an indelible mark on the industry.

Within the SpinVFX chapter that began in 2018, Justin first contributed to various projects as a senior lighting artist and then helped in the overall CG Pipeline as the Lead Lighting/Rendering TD starting in 2020. Justin played a pivotal part as the CG Supervisor in notable projects like “True Spirit (2023),” and “Big George Foreman (2023),” solidifying his status as a key player in the studio’s creative landscape. In the day-to-day rhythm of his professional life, Justin dedicates each moment to surmounting creative and technical challenges. Engaging in discussions, conducting research, and staying abreast of emerging technologies, he brings a proactive approach to problem-solving that defines the dynamic nature of his role. As of 2023, Justin is now the RnD Director at Spin VFX!

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