Eric Doiron

Head of 2D

‘Passionate’, ‘Creative Genius’ and ‘Artistic’ are just a few of Eric Doiron’s most admirable traits. He began his career more than 25 years ago, learning a variety of disciplines from video duplication to editing, broadcast design, audio engineering, and DVD authoring. However, his illustrious post-production journey began at a communications company in Toronto where he discovered digital compositing and never looked back.

Having worked with SpinVFX on two separate occasions during his career, he first joined Spin as a compositor in 2006 and was a vital part of shows like The Marsh(2006) and Outlander(2008). Upon returning to Spin as Head of Compositing in 2017, titles like Umbrella Academy(2019-2022), Stranger Things(2019) and Star Trek(2017-2019) were added to his filmography, where he built a strong relationship with the clients and enjoyed following character arcs that spanned across many seasons. His outstanding creativity and innovation led to him being nominated for seven awards including an Emmy Nomination for his outstanding work on Curiosity: Battlefield Cell on Disney Channel. In 2015, he won the Canadian Screen Award for Achievement in Visual Effects for the Paul Gross film ‘Hyena Road’.

Eric has been a consistent leader and innovator in the Compositing department, juggling between overseeing the work of all 40+ compositors plus finalizing the shots based on client requirements while also managing timelines of various projects at the same time. Eric calls it an ‘honour’ to have worked on Marvel projects like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness(2022) and AntMan and the Wasp – Quantamania(2023), however, he still believes his ‘true love’ projects are Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things and Star Trek where he found the experience more collaborative and creatively liberating.

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