Bert Poole

Visual Effects Supervisor

With nearly 30 years of film experience, Bert has excelled in various roles at Spin, from Head of CG to Creative Director, and now as a Visual Effects Supervisor. His diverse expertise spans from pioneering work on Antz (1998), the 2nd fully CG feature, to contributing to Shrek (2001), the first-ever winner of the Best Animated Feature Oscar. Bert’s creative leadership, showcased in developing skin and hair for humans, earned him recognition on Siggraph’s main stage in 2001. Over time, his achievements extended to consideration for an Academy Technical Achievement award for contributions to a proprietary 3D Paint package.

Bert’s journey in animation evolved from a CG Supervisor on Shark Tale (2004)  to collaborating with renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins for lighting design in How to Train Your Dragon (2010) and The Croods (2013). Transitioning to VFX Supervision in 2017, he contributed to The Orville (2017), and The Exorcist (2016), and pioneered live in-camera Unreal Engine content for Nightflyers (2018). A trailblazer in virtual production, Bert coded a real-time tracked off-axis projection system for Epic’s Unreal Engine, showcased in Hulu’s RUN (2020) pilot.

At Spin VFX, Bert’s unwavering passion and exceptional work ethic shine in diverse projects. From supervising LED volume work on Amazon’s Reacher (2022) and guiding post-production for Saving Bikini Bottom (yet to release), to earning VES and Emmy nominations for projects like Asteroid Hunters (2020) and Raising Dion Season 2 (2022), Bert’s expertise elevates team performance. With a breadth of experience from The Expanse (2015 – 2022) to The Umbrella Academy (2019-2024), Bert’s Spin journey spans impactful contributions across various genres. 

Outside work, he enjoys family time, long walks with his wife and dog Ernie (named after Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie), and indulges in a passion for flight simming.

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