Legion S1

“The good folks at Spin did an incredible job on Legion. From bullet proof angel wings to a possessed CG old lady, to complex digital environments, they created compelling, cinematic effects under difficult budget and schedule constraints and did it all with a smile”, remarked Scott Stewart, Director.

One of the scenes that Scott refers too, called for a CG Granny that could climb walls like a cockroach. Granny had to interact with window blinds and other surfaces, which required SPIN to build the whole shot in CG. Further enabling multiple camera angle options to better complement the performance.

“The team really impressed me with their attention to detail and high quality of work under a challenged production. They definitely set themselves apart in providing a great production experience with fantastic results. I look forward to our next show together”, said VFX Supervisor, Jonathan Rothbart.

The climactic scene of the movie, a dramatic vista over a desert valley, was created entirely as a 3D matte painting. Of the 260 final shots, 100 involved set extensions, full CG environments and of course, more wings.

  • Director: Scott Charles Stewart
  • Client: Screen Gems
  • Links: IMDB