In the Tall Grass

In the Tall Grass is SpinVFX’s second film adaptation of a Stephen King novel after Gerald’s Game (2017). This adaptation of his novella, co-authored by King’s son Joe Hill, was written and directed by Vincenzo Natali, who brought his own brand of twisted imagery to the film.

Since the film’s release on Netflix, Natali has shared his pre-visualization concept art, some of which features work done by SpinVFX.

“It’s nice to bask in our own glory, isn’t it? But really you and your team conjured more than a few miracles. It’s work that is as poetic as it is technically flawless. I loved every minute of it and you can be sure we‘ll be doing it again on the next one!
Well wishes to all my Spin friends”

Vincenzo Natali, Writer/Director
  • Director: Vincenzo Natali
  • Client: Netflix
  • Links: IMDB