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Neishaw Ali, Clinches Innovation Trailblazer Award at WIFT’s Crystal Awards 2023

In a stellar celebration of female pioneers in the film and television industry, Neishaw Ali, the dynamic President and Executive Producer of Spin VFX, emerged victorious at the Women in Film and Television – Toronto’s Crystal Awards 2023. The esteemed event honoured her with the “Innovation Trailblazer Award,” a testament to her outstanding contributions to the world of visual effects and storytelling.

Neishaw’s leadership at Spin VFX has been nothing short of revolutionary, as she pushed boundaries and embraced innovation in an industry that is constantly evolving. The “Innovation Trailblazer Award” serves as recognition not only for her achievements but also as a symbol of inspiration for aspiring women in the film and television industry.

As the afternoon unfolded, we had the privilege to witness the collective brilliance of women in our industry. The event spotlighted the exceptional talent and resilience of women who have made indelible marks across various roles, from directors and producers to writers and cinematographers.

The significance of celebrating women in the industry cannot be overstated. Their creativity, perseverance, and unique perspectives continue to shape and redefine storytelling on a global scale. The Crystal Awards 2023 fostered an inclusive environment that amplified the voices of women, ensuring their impact is not only acknowledged but also celebrated.

As Neishaw received her award, the entire Spin family stood proud, inspired, and eager to continue breaking new ground in the world of visual effects under her visionary leadership.

We would also like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the other winners of the day:

1. Victoria Harding – Executive Director, Director’s Guild of Canada – Ontario

2. Missy Peregrym – Actress

3. Margot Daley – Unscripted Producer, Series Producer, Director, and Senior Story Editor

4. Marilyn Denis – Radio/Podcast Host

5. Catherine Tait – President and CEO, CBC/Radio – Canada

May your tribe grow!

Take a look at what Neishaw’s peers in the industry had to say about her:

Catch Neishaw’s acceptance speech here:

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