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VES-Autodesk “Ask Me Anything: VFX Pros Tell All” Live Webcast with Neishaw Ali

The VES-Autodesk “Ask Me Anything: VFX Pros Tell All” live webcast with Neishaw Ali, President, Executive Producer, SPINVFX was a hit! Listeners tuned in for a front-row seat to hear exclusive career insights & tales from Neishaw’s journey, learn about her mission to bring new diverse voices to the VFX field and get inspired!

As a founding Partner, President and Executive Producer of SPINVFX, Neishaw Ali has been working in the film and television industry for 25+ years. She has molded SPINVFX into an internationally recognized leader in visual effects production, with teams in Toronto, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Her creativity and leadership has produced an expansive body of work including over 120 feature films & 26 television series.

Neishaw is the Co-Chair for the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO), and serves as part of the Government Policies Platform Committee. She also serves on the Ontario Film & Television Advisory Panel, the Toronto Film, Television & Digital Media Board, the Digital Media Infrastructure Working Group for the City of Toronto, as a Board Member of The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and a Board Member of the Visual Effects Society.

Watch the whole webcast here
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