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Our President/Executive Producer, Neishaw Ali, joins the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Board of Directors



The Canadian Academy has added our very own President/Executive Producer, Neishaw Ali, along with two other new members, Tracey Deer and Anne Marie La Traverse, to its Board of Directors. Neishaw joins the existing board members, who together represent a spectrum of influential industry leaders.


“These additions to our board come on the heels of The Canadian Academy’s launch of the Apprenticeship for Women Directors, an initiative created to provide emerging female filmmakers with an opportunity to be mentored by established women directors in film, television, and new-media” explains Martin Katz, Chair of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Academy.ca. (2017).


As a founding partner of SPINVFX and partner companies SPINVR and Triangle Post, Neishaw has been involved in the film and television industry for over 25 years. Neishaw’s creativity has not only contributed to the production of over 100 feature films and 17 television series, but her leadership has helped shape SPIN into an internationally recognized leader in the visual effects and virtual reality industry.


Beth Janson, CEO. “These women are the best in their field and their input and contribution to our organization is exactly what we need as we look towards the future.” Academy.ca. (2017).


Congratulations, Neishaw, Tracey and Anne!



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