The Expanse S4

SpinVFX is no stranger to the universe of The Expanse, having worked on all 4 seasons to date. For season 4, VFX Supervisor Paul DeOliveira, Producer Amanda Lariviere and the rest of the team delivered 327 shots.

This season required some brand new assets, such as the “Miller Bot”, which appeared in episode 9. The movements of the “Miller Bot” were incredibly specific, as it had to appear to struggle to walk in it’s form as a heavy machine that wasn’t build for that.

There were a number of spectacular 3D environments in this season as well. The planet Ilus, the Mars Mariner Valley (spanning 15km in length), along with the powerful destruction sequences of the tiller and the tsunami made these episodes larger than ever.

Year: 2019 Client: Amazon Studios, Alcon Entertainment Links: