Kenny Girdharry

Chief Financial Officer / Partner

As the Chief Financial Officer / Partner at SPIN VFX and its sister company JAXX Creative, Kenny brings over twenty years of experience in the film and television industry. With a background in the manufacturing sector, Kenny offers a unique problem-solving approach to the Executive team.

Having graduated from Queens with an MBA, he understands the global nature of our business. Therefore, he recognizes the need for continuous adaptation in Production and Financial Management. Kenny’s relentless pursuit of solutions to optimize client production budgets is further enhanced by his participation on several corporate boards. This allows SPIN to leverage his extensive experience from diverse company perspectives.

Kenny is often regarded as a realist with an optimistic approach. He considers himself a part-time philosopher and enjoys sharing thought-provoking logic with the team.

When he is not meticulously analyzing spreadsheets and planning a solid and stable future for SPIN & JAXX, Kenny can be found playing Cricket at local parks. Describing him as an avid Cricketer would be an understatement. Kenny played a pivotal role in introducing organized softball cricket in Canada, founding the Softball Cricket League in Ontario, which represented over a thousand members. He has participated in tournaments throughout North America and the Caribbean. Kenny served as the President of the Ontario Softball Cricket League for 17 years before voluntarily stepping down to pursue other passions such as golf and squash. Moreover, Kenny has been proudly representing the West Indies in master’s cricket around the globe, recently taking part in the 14-nation master’s Cricket World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa.

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