Kelly Singh Head of Communications


SpinVFX is thrilled to welcome Kelly Singh as Head of Communications.

Kelly has long worked parallel to the film sector, often as an advocate on government policy that has driven the growth and direction of the film industry in Ontario.

Her versatile background has been foundational to her development from Policy Advisor to Minister Michael Coteau, and later to Minister Eleanor McMahon at the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport. Combined with her initial transition in to the film industry on the studio developer side in Toronto, Kelly quickly gained a love for post-production.

With a keen eye for publicity and communications, Kelly is an eloquent advocate in building brands through messaging campaigns and supported media relations.

“What I love about SpinVFX is it’s commitment to creative innovation”, says Kelly. “After thirty years, SpinVFX continues to evolve and diversify to address shifting industry trends, with the bold, tenacious and visionary outlook of a start-up, and the wisdom of a sage studio.”