Studio Resource Manager

As the Resource Manager you will be reporting to Executive Producers, and Supervising Producers while collaborating closely with Show and Department Producers. You will be responsible for early stage planning, projecting schedules, identifying trends, evaluating gaps, and forecasting artists across all creative departments reporting findings or outcomes to Senior Management. Each key task will rely upon successful collaboration with Show Producers to develop early and mid project resource plans, CG Producers for accurate time-to-completion requirements, and Executive Producers to lock collective studio schedule priorities or expected overtime projections. Additionally, you will work closely with the Director of Pipeline Production and Development Team to prepare sustainable and accurate tools and reporting mechanisms; this will include evaluating render trends, and time logs to inform schedule trends and pivot to fit within the identified restrictions. As the Resource Manager, your main daily responsibilities will include maintaining studio projections, reporting on top sheet summary data, developing preliminary project milestone schedules with Producers, establishing project progress meetings and reports, and reporting on future department availability. Your standard tasks will include:

  • Autonomously establishing project meetings, and gathering project data, as well as identifying missing Bid and Scheduled Time during biweekly project top sheet meetings.
  • Lead weekly meetings with show production teams to monitor whether a resource projection is on track. Measure resource plans against original bid and scheduled time as well as plotting projected resources and confirmed schedule against Summary Top Sheet.
  • Collaborate closely with Compositing DPM and CG Producers. Working closely with Department Managers and Show Production to determine stats of department productivity.
  • Identifying beyond 4-6 weeks into a schedule and reporting on projected pressure points, bottlenecks, gaps, and timeline adjustments.
  • Collecting and consolidating pre-awarded bids and first pass resource plans from Supervising Producers to determine whether a potential project can fit responsibly within the collective studio schedule.
  • Maintain a studio resource plan including recently awarded, anticipated project awards and other potential scenarios for long term projection.
  • Work directly with Producers on a project resource projection to be included in a master studio resource plan.
  • Report on studio gaps, future department availability, or future department OT outlook.
  • Under the supervision of the Director of Production Pipeline, familiarize with current reporting tools, and establish appropriate resource projection tools to identify trends for an active project.
  • Evaluate artist trends ie, efficiency, kickback ratio, continue to leverage crew planning app, continue to leverage top sheet summary data.
  • Weekly reporting of all requested vacation time, resources available (i.e. employees with already approved vacation time in that week) and Hours Assigned in each Department per week to assist Production in approving Leave. As well as identifying underages in Hours Assigned per week to help Production in organizing Lieu.