HR Coordinator

This role provides hands on general HR expertise in collaboration with the Creative Resources Manager. The HR Coordinator will be required to demonstrate the highest level of professional integrity while providing superior coordination and administration of all cross-functional initiatives within this department. In conjunction with the Creative Resources Manager, he/she will handle all aspects of Recruitment, Employee Onboarding/Exiting, Performance Reviews, Employee Attendance, as well as Employee Retention and Company Culture. This position reports to the Creative Resources Manager.



Collaborate with Creative Resources Manager to review and establish talent acquisition objectives and priorities, and
allocate division of positions to be filled.

  • Finalize job descriptions in concert with Department Head
  • Manage job-posting process of all roles on Linkedin Recruiter Module
  • Review and vet applicant CV’s and demo reels before forwarding to Dept. Head
  • Liaise with Department Heads to finalized candidates for interview
  • Coordinate and administrate interview process, including follow up
  • Participate in interviews, and coordinate selection process
  • Ascertain potential salary requirements and eligibility
  • Present employee to President/Executive Producer for Hiring Approval
  • Draw up Employment Agreement (to be reviewed by payroll) and coordinate sign back
  • Confirm any contractual changes must be approved by CFO
  • Gather references


  • Post New Hire email
  • Create standardized calendar invite for internal stakeholders
  • Forward signed Agreement to Payroll
  • Send out “Welcome” email to New Hire with online forms to be completed
  • Gather completed forms, SIN, photo ID, computer specs
  • Coordinate with Technology Coordinator to systems onboarding
    • Equipment setup, email credentials and email aliases
  • Invite to Google Classroom for handbooks, video instructions, etc.
  • Introduce to his/her buddy on first day
  • Send out Introduction email to Spin Staff
  • Add new hire to all HR databases
  • Add permitted employees to Work Permit Database
  • Forward all forms, agreements to Payroll
    • Confirming OT eligibility


  • Conduct exit interviews for all departing employees
  • Inform Payroll of exit date with payroll
  • Inform Systems of exit date
  • Coordinate with Facilities return of all Company equipment

Annual Reviews/Performance Improvement Plans/Employee Development Plans

  • Set up and publish review cycles in Dayforce
  • Coordinate with Department Managers for feedback population of form
  • Secure meeting time with respective Department Head and President/Executive Producer
  • Secure follow up meeting times with Department Head and Employee
  • Complete publishing of review for Employee reference

Employee Attendance

  • Provide guidance and information pertaining to all leaves of absence; sick, maternity, etc.
  • Inform Creative Resource Manager of all leave requests
  • Inform payroll of all confirmed Employee Extended LOA
  • Maintaining the Away emails and transferring to SPIN Calendar

Department Communications/Documents

  • Update and publish daily Recruitment Update
  • Update and publish weekly Staff List
  • Update and publish monthly Staff Contact List

Company Culture Initiatives

Provide leadership and expertise by recommending and implementing programs to enhance company culture and improve employee retention.

  • Promote SPIN’s brand online
    • establishing company’s core values
    • celebrating our employees
    • highlighting why SPIN is the best place to work in VFX
  • Increase employee engagement with SPIN social calendar to promote employee well-being

If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter and resume to Please be sure to include “HR Coordinator” in the subject line.