Scanning Technician

As the CG Scanning Technician, you will be working day-to-day both on set with scanning equipment, and in studio processing scan data in preparation for the asset department. Your primary focus will be working as a team member of the scanning department supporting the Scanning Supervisor, being hands-on during on set scanning days and consolidating or processing the results in studio for downstream departments. The role requires the candidate to positively represent SPINVFX while on set, adhering to production schedules, taking instruction from production and creative supervisors, along with an autonomous ownership over the role. You will work in conjunction with VFX Producers and VFX Supervisors, taking instruction from the Head of CG Production and CG Producer, and Scanning Supervisor while collaborating with artists in the Layout Department and Assets department. As part of the Scanning department, you will spend your days:

  • Collaborating with Scanning Coordinator, CG Producers, and Supervisor Producers to accomplish daily targets
  • Operate the Faro Scanner to capture lidar data
  • Operate cameras and HDRI equipment to capture high quality HDRI’s
  • Set up, deconstruct, operate, and troubleshoot the facial photogrammetry rig
  • Taking proper texture and reference photos on set
  • Process scan data to generate light weight, highly detailed geometry for layout and assets
  • Clean up data generated from raw scans using RealityCapture
  • Interact with actors while on set, provide direction during use of the scanning truck
  • Demonstrate professionalism while representing SPINVFX with onset production
  • Understand and meet the quality expectations for items leaving the scanning department
  • Work unique on set hours according the production call sheets
  • Troubleshoot scan data when returning from set to studio
  • Operate and maintain the scanning truck, and scanning equipment 
  • Ensure effective communication and continual team updates 
  • Develop department initiatives with creative supervisors, and collaborate with pipeline team to ensure initiatives are met
  • Ensure work is being approved and completed on time, and to specification 

Must have:

  • On set experience
  • Scanning experience
  • Knowledge of Maya and RealityCapture
  • Valid driver’s license