Scanning Technician & Department Manager

As a Scanning Technician and Department Manager you will be responsible for managing and forecasting artists in your department, liaising with show producers, and being point of contact for clients regarding scanning scheduling. Simultaneously, you will be working day-to-day both on set with scanning equipment, and in studio processing scan data in preparation for the asset department. Both key tasks will rely upon successful collaboration with Scanning team members, CG Supervisors, Show Producers and CG Department Managers to maintain the established schedule ensuring successful project deliveries. As Scanning Tech & Department Manager you will be expected to positively represent SPIN VFX while on set or while communicating with clients, and be an active participant in setting the standard in which the Scanning Department carries itself. Additionally, you will work closely with the CTO, Systems Team, and Facilities team to preserve Scanning Truck functionality, licensing, maintenance including interior/exterior cleaning, and other servicing documentation. Furthermore, you will be required to manage shotgun tasking, maintain strict visual scanning inventory catalogue per project, and participate in solving priority issues between projects. Your daily tasks will include:

  • *Covid Era* Support in managing team member covid test scheduling, maintain knowledge of on-set covid protocols to ensure Spin and Client compliance is met, and safety protocols are followed.
  • Scheduling, prioritizing and tracking internal processing assignments, hdri assignments, and inventory catalogue. Ensuring Shotgun (project management tool) statuses and task assignments are kept tidy.
  • Operate the Faro Scanner to capture lidar data. Gather reference photos, and operate HDRI equipment to capture high quality HDRI’s.
  • Determining department task requirements and necessary materials for successful task completion.
  • Operate, drive, and maintain the Scanning Truck (assumes holding a valid drivers license).
  • Manage data wrangler on set kit, inventory and sign-out sheet.
  • Identifying and communicating artist pressure points, bottlenecks, and timeline adjustments.
  • Process scan data to generate light weight, highly detailed geometry for layout and assets, clean up data generated from raw scans using RealityCapture.
  • Interact with on set talent and other on set Heads of Departments, provide direction during use of the scanning truck, demonstrate professionalism while representing SPIN VFX with onset production.
  • Establish and maintain scanning standards according to CG Supervisor and VFX Supervisor requirements, and meet the quality expectations for items leaving the scanning department.
  • Working varying on set hours according to the production call sheets and on set requirements.
  • Maintain clear lines of positive communication with clients and on-set contacts.
  • Monitor and renew scanning team software licenses, processing credits, scanning truck licenses, and scanning truck documentation.