Character/Creature Artist

As the Creature Sculptor you will be responsible for creating realistic hires creature/character model; creating digital doubles using  hires scan data; and creating believable facial blendshape for the regarding creature/character. You will also be responsible for creating high quality correctives to support rigging in a range of motion tests and supporting texture artists with sculptural detail.  In order to do so, you have to collaborate closely with your team members and different departments with strong team spirit in mind. You will be applying your knowledge in Zbrush, Maya and a variety of key softwares to accomplish the following tasks:

You will spend your days:

  • Create realistic hires creature/character models with believable anatomical details under the direction of the creature supervisor.
  • Work with digital scan, wrap 3d and Marvelous designer to create base mesh digi double and sculpt the hires detail in Zbrush.
  • Create high quality topology and UV for models that meet rigging and texturing requirements.
  • Deliver production ready models in Maya that meet studio standards to the pipeline.
  • Create and publish turntables for Zbrush sculpt and Maya Model. 
  • Export Vector Displacement maps and decimated hires sculpt for texture and look department to use.
  • Collaborate closely with texture artists, provide support to texture maps with sculptural detail. 
  • Collaborate with animation and rigging artists to create facial blendshape and  correctives to support riggings and animation. 
  • Creating supporting geometries like Skeletons, Muscles and low res models for CFX and FX.
  • Troubleshooting technical steps and communicating with other departments to ensure your models are properly sent down the pipeline.
  • Communicating with production and supervisors regarding schedules, timelines and strategies.

You must have:

  • a minimum of 3 years work experience in feature film/broadcast VFX production ( or equivalent experience ).
  • Strong personal portfolio.
  • Problem-solving: be able to come up with solutions and overcome obstacles, use the most cutting-edge technology to find new ways to achieve a creative vision.
  • Solid knowledge of anatomy.
  • Solid knowledge of outfit creation. ( Marvelous Designer/Cloth sculpting )
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Zbrush and Maya.
  • Excellent time and project management skills.
  • Experience working with blendshapes/correctives.
  • Shot finaling experience. (a plus)
  • Team player personality

If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter, demo reel and resume to Please be sure to include “Character/Creature Artist” in the subject line.