CG Producer

As the CG Producer, you will be responsible for managing artists, schedules, and client expectations. You will work in conjunction with VFX Supervisors, the CG Supervisor, and the President/Executive Producer, and you will spend your days:

  • coordinating the schedule of the CG Supervisor
  • determining overall asset resource requirements in collaboration with show Producers
  • determining overall asset schedule in collaboration with show Producers to ensure assets are scheduled to complete on expected date
  • attending asset turnover meetings and dailies to ensure all information is disseminated accordingly
  • determining asset assignments in collaboration with Asset and Lighting/DMP Coordinators
  • ensuring OT pre-approvals are obtained and that artists are working OT as expected
  • communicating any asset hardware / software / stock element requirements with systems and production
  • attending weekly production meetings and communicating progress on all assets in progress
  • working with department Supervisors to ensure notes are understood and assets are being completed on schedule
  • ensuring asset smart sheets are maintained and being emailed daily
  • liaising with head of systems and pipeline to communicate any tools or upgrades required within the modelling, texture, lookdev, camera tracking, matte painting, layout, animation, FX and lighting departments
  • ensuring asset best practices are being followed including regular turntable publishes in shotgun and katana QC renders

If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter and resume to Be sure to include “CG Producer” in the subject line.