Tracking/Matchmove Artist

** Please note that due to COVID 19, all SPIN staff will be on-boarded remotely and asked to work from home.

As a Tracking/Matchmove Artist, your primary focus will be to track/matchmove cameras, recreate plate sets, object track inanimate items, and sometimes rough character matchmove/rotomoation matching live-action background plate images. Your days will include:

  • Creating sets, proxy props and other models based on supplied set data and/or other available survey information assist in upholding the quality and consistency of the work done by the modeling team
  • Set up the virtual camera from data sheets and track camera motion
  • Matchmove objects/characters to match the action in the live-action plates
  • Undistort/re-distort plates and produce slaps from Nuke
  • supporting department moral and culture
  • camera tracking, character matchmoving, solving lens distortion, deformation matching of surfaces, solving native stereo plates
  • Adapt to tracking techniques established by the Layout Supervisor
  • Manages notes from Supervisor’s and ensure they are addressed
  • Ensure quality control and check tracked cameras to meet studio standards

Position Requirements:

  • Must have working knowledge of standard software such as Maya, 3D Equalizer, and Nuke
  • 2+ years of production experience in an established VFX facility
  • Demonstrable experience in highly technical pipelines
  • Follows direction and take ownership of tasks, schedule, time management and communication with production
  • Collaborate effectively with fellow artist, Department Supervisors, CG Supervisors, and VFX Supervisors