Matte Painting Supervisor

As the Matte Painting Supervisor you will be responsible for overseeing all tasks through the DMP Department to produce the highest quality standard possible, establish department protocols, improve efficiency, and work closely with the Environment Department, Assets Department, Lighting Department, and Compositing. These key tasks will rely upon successful collaboration with the Head of Compositing, VFX Supervisors, and Comp Supervisors. The DMP Supervisor will work closely with the pipeline team and TD’s to improve efficiency, and determine best practices to both meet, and increase the quality standards expected by Spin and Spin’s clients. You will be a participant in creative concept initiatives, and Production development initiatives to support upcoming projects by collaborating early with fellow Department Supervisors and CG Supervisors. Additionally, the DMP Supervisor will be responsible for constantly evaluating the successful hand-off of projections and nuke scripts to Compositors. Finally, you will be responsible for introducing additional 3D tools, components, and skills into the department including procedural approaches via Houdini, while further refining the team’s collective skills in Nuke.

You will spend your days:

  • Executing highly technical 2.5D environment builds and camera projections.
  • Creating high quality, photorealistic matte paintings.
  • Creating high quality concept art for key shots and assets.
  • Supporting artists with setting up 2.5D environment builds, camera projections, and slap DMPs.
  • Collaborating closely with Assets, Environment, Lighting, and Compositing.
  • Developing tools alongside the Environment Lead and CG supervisors with pipeline support.
  • Producing efficient layers and projections via Photoshop and Nuke for successful hand-off to compositing.
  • Giving creative and technical feedback on artists’ shots and concepts.
  • QC artists’ work to ensure correct colourspace, formatting, layering, projection setup, and Nuke scripting to ensure a smooth transition to comp.
  • Interpreting notes from client and VFX supervisors and ensuring artists understand and correctly address notes.
  • Educating artists on how to use Nuke and set up slap DMP and projection scripts.
  • Educating artists on proper ACES colourspace workflow.
  • Creating video tutorials and/or wiki pages explaining matte painting processes within the context of Spin’s pipeline.
  • Sitting in on dailies and helping to provide creative and technical feedback along side VFX supervisors.
  • Sitting in on sequence launches and offering input to help determine the best approach for Environments and concepts.
  • Planning shot breakdowns and master shots for sequences using the same matte paintings and environments.
  • Helping production identify which tasks are best suited for each artist.
  • Identifying DMP tools and pipeline needs and create the appropriate pipeline tickets.
  • Identifying equipment and technology needs for the department and make the appropriate requests.

You must have:

  • Proven ability in Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, and Houdini.
  • A demo reel illustrating relevant experience.
  • Advanced knowledge of matte-painting techniques including colour space, digital-paint techniques, photography (including composition), depth, lighting and colour.
  • Possess proven team leadership and supervision skills.
  • Be able to provide and receive artistic and technical direction.

If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter and resume to Please be sure to include “Matte Painting Supervisor” in the subject line.