Tracking Artist

Are you a experienced Tracking Artist? Have you spent time in the film industry and are looking to work with the best and brightest? If this sounds like you – let’s chat!

As the Tracking Artist, your primary focus will be to recreate the sets, objects and camera motion of a shot in a 3D software environment to match the live-action background plate images. In this role,  you will spend your days:

  • Creating sets, proxy props and other models based on supplied set data and/or other available survey information
  • Include proof of scale in virtual layout setup
  • Set up virtual camera from data sheets and track camera motion
  • Matchmove objects/characters to match the action in the live action plates
  • Render track / matchmove over supplied plates for approval
  • Undistort/re-distort plates

You must have:

  • Experience with Maya, PF Track and/or 3DEqualizer
  • Visual effects experience in feature films and/or episodic production


If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter and resume to Be sure to include “Tracking Artist” in the subject line.