Lead Lighting/Rendering TD

The Lead Lighting/Rendering TD is responsible for helping with the technical challenges of active productions as well as helping design tools and workflows to help artists work efficiently. He or she will help oversee the design, implementation and operation of tools that help with automation and validation for CG data coming in and out of the lighting department. The ideal candidate is a proven leader with excellent communication skills and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the VFX pipeline.  

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Work closely with the CG Supervisors to determine the technical approach and requirements needed to achieve the desired look for specific project(s)
  • Collaborate with Lighting Leads to support the technical and creative requirements of the lighting team
  • Work closely with the pipeline team to improve and develop tools, workflows and optimization
  • Problem solve technical issues that come up in a fast moving production environment
  • Provide leadership to floor TD’s
  • Collaborate closely with Supervisors of all departments
  • Provide training, mentoring, and documentation of tools and workflows for lighters and upstream artists
  • Develop efficiencies in handing off elements between departments
  • Offer creative and technical solutions on higher complexity tasks
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of rendering to ensure creative goals and schedules are met
  • Test and provide feedback on new tools, software and techniques
  • Develop department initiatives with creative supervisors, and collaborate with pipeline team to ensure initiatives are met


  • 4+ years of work experience in a film/TV post – production environment
  • Experience as a lead or supervisor or a senior artist/TD interested in taking on the role
  • Must have a sense of strong team dynamics and positive morale generating style
  • A natural problem solver that is able to juggle priorities
  • Thorough understanding of the various technical and creative aspects of VFX production
  • Complete understanding of 3D principles and production pipelines is essential
  • Technically and creatively astute
  • Able to effectively and collaboratively communicate with people at all levels (technical and non-technical stakeholders).
  • Strong knowledge of render management software (Tractor)
  • Proficient in python 2.x/3.x
  • Experience or familiarity with Lua is an asset
  • Experience with USD is an asset
  • Experience with Unreal Engine or real-time rendering is an asset
  • Must have a mature approach to software design and implementation
  • Excellent technical knowledge of path-tracer render engines (Renderman, Arnold)
  • Familiarity with with Github and Agile development is an asset
  • Excellent working knowledge of node based DCC’s (Katana, Houdini, Nuke) an asset
  • Experience in one or more APIs used commonly in computer graphics would be beneficial ( ie. Maya, Houdini, Katana, Renderman, Nuke)

If this sounds like you, please submit your cover letter, demo reel and resume to careers@spinvfx.com. Please be sure to include “Lead Lighting/Rendering TD” in the subject line.