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SPINVFX AT THE THEATRES: Escape Room – Tournament of Champions

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

“You guys were amazing partners and now, seeing the work in all its glory in the DI SUITE, it really really is so evident, how wonderfully… SPIN DELIVERED,” Director Adam Robitel recalled the close collaboration between his production and the Spin team.

After two years on-set and in post-production, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, has finally escaped from SpinVFX’s servers onto the big screen. 

“This movie was a true collaboration between Adam, Peter, Whitney and the beloved Spin team.  One of the many unique qualities about this show was that we always left the meeting with a smile on our faces despite, at times, serious moments.  This brings back the fun to our work and makes us always want to do more.  Thank you for some great memories and a wonderful production”, Neishaw reminisces fondly.

This sequel brings back the electrifying claustrophobia of 2019’s Escape Room with mind-bending new special effects, as our captive duo tries again to beat the Minos Corporation at their own game, with only their wits to survive. 

This film leveraged the wizardry of Spin’s award-winning creative team on nearly every scene, from a fully CG train sequence to a shape-shifting beach earthquake, utilizing the full scope of Spin’s effects and rendering capabilities.  “The Beach room had ridiculously heavy effects sims. Billions and billions of particles. Some needed multiple days just to simulate,” said Spin Visual Effects Supervisor Kyle Menzies, who led the creative direction on set in South Africa.

“Our fire-making abilities were really crucial to heighten the story beats to create danger and tension,” recalled Spin’s Bert Poole in regards to the Attic room sequence that he spearheaded. Scenes like this necessitated the decades of on-set technical experience that Spin can leverage, to develop the custom VFX solutions that give a contemporary feel akin to escape rooms themselves. 

Harnessing its deep talent pool, Spin was able to allocate resources across the various environments, with each room having its own VFX Supervisor and team, such as a bank room with laser-shooting mayhem ready to disintegrate our actors, led by Spin VFX Supervisor, Adam Jewett. This allowed Spin to deliver hyper-realistic visuals across multiple sequences while working under tight deadlines. Spin’s flexible yet proactive approach saves valuable production time and resources by integrating smart solutions at the right time during especially complicated shooting schedules. Going the extra mile on projects like this has equipped Spin with the broad expertise to deconstruct directors’ dreams or translate nightmares into reality.

Special thanks to Associate VFX Supervisor Whitney Richman, Peter Pav, Director Adam Robitel, who provided a creative and collaborative environment for creative problem solving.

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