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SpinVR Brings Augmented Reality to the CARYS #DanceChallenge on Social Media

Actress and musician CARYS invites her fans to party with her in augmented reality

Warner Music, in partnership with SpinVR and JAXX, have delivered a photogrammetry-based augmented reality avatar on the BrioVR platform for the singer CARYS. The interactive AR avatar experience requires no app-installs, letting CARYS fans engage with her in their space to take pictures and record videos to share on social media platforms like TikTok.

The 3D model was completed using SpinVFX’s motion capture technology and keyframe animation to help recreate CARYS’ signature dance for her hit song “Princess Doesn’t Cry”. With meticulous creative subtleties to simulate photoreal character traits, the avatar mimics the puppet-like movements that were part of the popular dance, which rose to viral fame as a ‘dance challenge’, particularly on TikTok.

Warner Music used the innovative BrioVR platform because they wanted to be able to distribute the AR content globally, without requiring users to download apps. The CARYS avatar is distributed using a unique URL that can be shared anywhere online, including in a social media feed, or as a ‘link in bio’.

Simply open the link on your mobile device to try it and share the URL with your friends and followers around the world.

With a growing demand for celebrity avatars in gaming and other platforms, augmented reality content like the CARYS avatar can, for the first time, bring fans engaging, playful content into the real world.

Check out what fans are making with the CARYS AR avatar!
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