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The Gloves Come Off for a Good Cause!

SPIN President / Executive Producer Neishaw Ali joined Michael “Pinball” Clemons and other notable Toronto residents at the 3rd Annual Victory Charity Ball – a boxing event in support of the Pinball Clemons Foundation.

In partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation, the Pinball Clemons Foundation has made a commitment to youth in Toronto who have experienced abuse, neglect and abandonment. The Pinball Clemons Foundation Ambassador School Program empowers disenfranchised youth to discover hope by completing high school, attaining life skills, and setting goals for a brighter future.

The partnership between the Children’s Aid Foundation and the Pinball Clemons Foundation ensures that each year, 15 – 20 students aged 16 to 24 can access a safe, stable learning environment geared towards their unique needs. The academic curriculum is enriched by career counselling, tutoring, nutrition education, financial literacy, adult and peer support, and public speaking opportunities. This unique Program enables youth to build identity, self-confidence, and realize their potential.

We were honoured to support such a great cause.
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