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Heroes Reborn World Premiere @ TIFF

Tim Kring’s NBC reboot Heroes Reborn,  will world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival Primetime program, in advance of its small screen premiere September 24th.

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Showrunner Tim Kring, returning to the world he created in his wildly popular series Heroes, creates a whole new set of mysteries and gives us a group of colourful characters that includes old fan favourites as well as some badass new Evos. The epic story has action spanning multiple countries, a savvy mix of visual mediums, and signature moments that will make devotees jump out of their seats and cheer. Part sequel, part reboot, Heroes Reborn is the ideal follow-up series — a brand-new story with enough energy and enthusiasm to inspire a new generation, and with enough of the original series’ DNA to give the fans what they’ve been craving all these years.

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