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Aiding the invasion in Battle: Los Angeles

Battle LA

In Battle: Los Angeles, the Californian city once again finds itself under attack from alien invaders. Visual effects supervisor Everett Burrell and an army of effects artists wrought havoc on the city as well as realizing the other-worldly warriors.

Seeking to establish a grittier, street-level kind of invasion flick, director Jonathan Liebesman initiated a three minute test to present to Columbia Pictures in order to greenlight the film. With the help of Burrell and SPIN VFX visual effects supervisor Jeff Campbell, the director shot scenes of Aaron Eckhart and other actors dressed as marines mounting an operation in what looked like a bombed out building – actually an office building under construction. “We ran around with a RED camera and smoke machines and made it very hand-held with a lot of zooms,” says Burrell. “We added in a bunch of effects over about a month and a half. Then Jonathan cut it together and put some music to it and showed it to Sony, and that’s how the film got pushed along.”

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