The Expanse SII

SPIN delivered 540 shots for the 13 episode, second season of The Expanse, including over 75 creature shots. Collaborating with Production VFX Supervisor Bob Munroe, SPIN’s VFX Supervisor Kyle Menzies, and our artists fleshed out creative sequences from concept development and storyboarding to completion

The Protomolecule creature is a biological weapon designed by the sinister Protogen Corporation using their acquired Protomolecule samples to horribly modify children who have a certain type of unique genetic condition. SPIN’s goal was to design a unique creature that was not a life form in itself, could radically alter infected life forms and reshape itself into the biomass of multiple hosts and mechanical elements it consumes.

Building on 2 seasons of Proto-Molecule designs, SPIN VFX fleshed out these sequences using Photoshop for initial passes and then quickly moved into ZBrush to finalize the surface appearance. The creature then went through extensive look development passes in Katana and RenderMan using a plethora of Mari generated textures to arrive at his final look.

SPIN also provided on-set location capture and 3D body scanning services exclusively for the series while shooting in Toronto. The studio’s twelve-camera photogrammetry system was used for actors’ head and full body scans as well as key props. The Civetta camera system captured HDRI and photogrammetry of select sets and locations. The studio offers full scanning services from capture to digital realization.

Year: 2016 Client: Alcon Entertainment / SyFy Links: